Monday, October 13, 2014

Playing catch up !!

Hi All !!!!  Where has the late summer, early fall gone??  Can't believe we're in the middle of my favorite season, and I hardly feel like I've enjoyed any of it yet !!

I did manage to get the 2 latest installments of my clubs out in a timely manner and will give you a preview .......

The first design is for the old Mill Stitchery Club and would make a lovely place to park your work or display an unframed little piece.

This second design is for the  "Treasure box" for the "Chessie's Heirlooms" club for Tomorrow's Heirlooms.  The little pin pillow fits inside the box or can be used separately.

Now I'm off to pack for Shepherd's Bush Retreat in Park City.  I can tell you will be a FABULOUS time for all!!   Can't share that piece with you yet......nobody sees anything until the opening night .....but I will post pictures when I return !!  

Here are a few little fall bits I've put out this year.....I've become addicted to "Domes"...... they're so fun to fill !!!

My latest stitching addiction is Paulette's (Plum Street Designs) "Jack's Bash"'s the perfect fall stitching project !!!!  I'm really loving all the colors she used and thoroughly enjoying every stitch !!!

Well, that's enough rambling for now......I must get packed and ready for tomorrow's travels.  
Until next time, I wish you all a wonderful new fall project to stitch.......busy fingers are happy fingers !!

Monday, August 11, 2014

St Charles Market Releases

To market, to market, to market we go............... the charts are finally all assembled and the kits are kitted, so it's time to give you a peek before I load the van and head to St Charles.

The first piece is the second part of the Seasons of Chessie  series, called "Harvest Time" 

Next is "Gettysburg 1862 Sampler" and is inspired by the Civil War


then another stitch book.......I can't stop doing these !!!! .......called "Patriotic Stitch Book"

This is one of two Halloween pieces, called "Tombstone Mansion".

and then the third in the Seasons of Chessie Series....."Winter Wonder".........

and lastly, my latest little kit....."Ghost Inn",  which as you can see has yet to be assembled .  By the time I get to market, it will be an adorable little pin pillow !!!  I hope !

That's all for now...forgive the rush ....... hope you found something to catch you eye.

Warm up those stitching fingers.....there"s some great new designs coming your way as soon as you local shops return from market !!

Monday, July 14, 2014

New Release

Just a quickie to let you see my new release.........

This is "Days of Liberty" and is the first in a series called Seasons of Chessie.  There will be 4 in the series, all mounted on wool, then a horn book, but you could easily frame them if you wish.  The design measures 5" x 5" on 32ct linen and is a fun quick summer stitch........hope you enjoy !!

I also had to share Brewster after he cleaned out 3 cans of his favorite , water packed tuna, while I was making a cold seafood salad and trying not to step on him !!!!  He was so thrilled that Chessa never showed up to fight over the spoils and he actually fell asleep surrounded by all his cans !!

That's all for now.......I working on new club pieces as well as new designs for the St Charles will be here before I know it !

Find a cool spot on your porch or deck and enjoy some summer stitching ! 

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Past and Future

The summer is flying by again, so here's an update of where I've been and where I'm going..............

Last week was the Grand old Flag Gathering at the Country Sampler in Spring Green, WI and what a week it was !!!!!

We worked hard, laughed often, ate wonderful treats, and shopped alot!!!!  What more could you ask for?

Here are a few pics of just some of the fun........

              "The Group"  came from all over the USA...from California to Connecticut !!

Fabulous Giant Strawberry Shortcake !!!

Marie shared one of her finished projects !

Connie and Michelle (mother and daughter) and Teresa(below) often stitched well into the night and actually finished most of their projects during the week....amazing!!!

Roxie had never stitched on linen the end of the week , I had another convert!!!

More "Goodies".......believe me, no one went  home any  thinner that week !!

We all left feeling that we had shared a extraordinary experience together and vowed to return again next year, to hopefully do it all again !!!!

Carole Hopkins and I have even been thinking of new projects already !!

However, for me they are just ideas at this point.......I've got a huge list of upcoming designs to work on know the old saying ....."no rest for the wicked".

Here's a peek at the project I'm teaching for T0morrow's Heirlooms in Glen Ellyn, IL .....July  25th - 26th.

We'll be painting and lining the book box in class, so it will be ready to go when you finish your will be a little messy, and a whole lot of fun !!!

I talked to Pam yesterday, and she said she had room for 1 or 2 more students, so if you're interested give them a call.....630-790-1660 or

I guess that's all for now.......I've got several more projects to work on , so I need to get to it !!!!

Hope you all find time to get a little summer stitching done in your favorite spot....a front porch or back deck perhaps !!

Enjoy your summer!!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Grand Olde Flag Gathering Projects

Hi Stitchers, 
Just wanted to update you with the projects I've designed for The Grand Olde Flag Gathering in Spring Green, WI in a couple of weeks.  Jeanne says she'll make room for anyone that wants to come just for the cross stitch portion of the gathering.  Contact her by phone.....608-5882510 or her for details and prices.

The first project is called "The Gentlewoman's Stitch Box"
You will learn how to cover, line and distress this 7" sewing box in class and then will start on the stitched pieces to go inside.  Since you won't have time to finish your stitching, we'll discuss and demonstrate finishing techniques as well.

The second project is a sampler (see unframed design above).  It's designed around a Civil War Era theme.  The house is my version of the Tallman House in Janesville, WI which was a part of the underground railroad and also a place that welcomed Abraham Lincoln on several occasions.

I'm really excited to share these projects with the "Gathering" stitchers and hope a few of you might be able to join us for the event.  Jeanne and her shop girls always put on a spectacular event.......I can promise, a good time will be had by all !!!!!  Hope to see you there !

That's all for now.....I've got to get started on my project for the class I'll be teaching for Tomorrow's Heirlooms in July.
Stay tuned for more updates!

Enjoy the beautiful weather and .......stitch, stitch, stitch !!

Monday, May 19, 2014

First Design for Chessie Club for Old Mill Stitchery

Just a quick preview of the new design for the club I'm doing with Old Mill Stitchery

The piece is called "Friendship Garden" and is a fun summer design that I've mounted on form core to fit inside this adorable wooden tray.  You will get the tray with the first design and then the rest of the pieces can be popped in and out of the same tray when ever you wish.

I just spoke with Mary at Old Mill Stitchery, and she said she still has openings, so if you're interested, please contact her for more details.....816-792-3670.....or email her at  Hopefully I've tempted a few of you to join us ......these clubs have been fun to do and I've really enjoyed hearing your feedback.

When you finish a project, send me a picture, I'd love to see your results and post it on the blog !!!

I wish you a good week with time to stitch every day !

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Tudor Rose Sampler Guild Workshop

It's finally SPRING in Wisconsin.....the Orioles, Grossbeaks, Finches, and Blue Buntings are all feasting in our feeders !!  I can barely keep a supply of oranges and grape jelly at the ready.  They all seem to be fighting over it this year......and of course the cats are glued to the windows watching the all commotion !!

I'm still basking in the glow of the wonderful weekend I spent teaching for the Tudor Rose Sampler Guild in Dallas.  All the ladies got right into painting and distressing boxes and seemed to have great fun .  In between drying time, everyone stitched and visited and all in all just enjoyed being together !

What a fun group !!!!  I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with each and every one of them.  Thank you ladies, for a most enjoyable weekend !!!

These are the two projects I designed for them .........the first is  "The Tudor Rose Stitch book"...........

..........and then on Sunday , the project was the "Rose & Crown Sampler".........

Special thanks to Ann and Lynn who were my hostesses .  After spending time in both their homes, I really didn't want to leave !!!  I was wined and dined royally, the entire weekend !!

However, when I did get home, I was thrilled to find all my Spring flowers in bloom, and now with all the birds here as well, hopefully Winter is finally behind us!!

Lastly, here's a little peek of the  first project of the year with the club I'm doing with Old Mill Stitchery in Liberty, MO.

The 4 projects will all fit into a wooden tray that you can swap out at your desire.   They've opened this year up for a few more if you're interested, check with them for details and prices.

I guess that's all for now, except to wish all of you stitching Moms , a wonderful day and a little time to stitch!!